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Grievance mechanism

Grievance mechanism

To draw Nordrest's attention to the fact that any activity in its own operations or that any of Nordrest's suppliers in the value chain operates in a manner that is not in line with laws, codes of conduct, policies and guidelines, a grievance mechanism (also called whistle-blower service) has been established.

Anyone, inside and outside Nordrest, who has become aware of or suspects any such activity is asked to report this through the designated grievance mechanism (whistle-blower service).

In addition to laws, collective agreements, and other regulations, Nordrest has a code of conduct, policies, values, and business principles that govern how we as a company should act in most situations. Our hope is that everyone follows this, but we hope that everyone is encouraged to report if something that is contrary to the guidelines that exist is noticed.

Procedure och reporting – externally
  1. Use the link to Nordrest grievance mechanism (whistle-blower service) available on Nordrest's website.
Procedure of reporting -internally
  1. Talk to your direct manager, or in certain cases your manager’s manager.
  2. Otherwise use our channel for whistleblowing which is available in the app &frankly or by a link at our website or our intranet.
  3. You could also contact our HR department.
How does it work?
  • You send a report in &frankly or via the link at our intranet or website.
  • You choose subject from the stated categories. If you don’t find anything suitable, choose ”other”.
  • Fill out e-mail or phone number if you wish to receive notice of any update on your subject. Please note that the person handling your report will not be able to see your details. You may also choose to not provide e-mail or phone number. In that case be sure to note your case ID, to be able to see any feedback on your case.
  • All cases reported will be investigated and a correction plan will be set up. CEO and HR will take part of all reports.

Link to grievance mechanism

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